An Omaha and Millard resident for over 20 years, Don has the leadership and vision for an affordable, growing, Omaha community.

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Key Campaign Issues

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is critical to continue growing Omaha. We're going to look for creative development alternatives that reduce cost without sacrificing quality and safety.

Economic Support

Now more than ever, business in Omaha needs our support. We want to retain talent and help foster the small business community that contributes to Omaha's great culture.

Don Rowe Professional Portrait

Public Safety

Strong Fire and Police departments promote safety for our community. We need to foster relationships and instill trust in those we depend on to keep our community safe.


We need quality infrastructure to keep up our rate of growth. This is a critical component to most issues Omaha faces today.

Upcoming Events

Omaha - 6 April 2021

Omaha Primary Election

Omaha - 11 May 2021

Omaha General Election